Amanda Grace Prophetic Release March 9 2021



I am going into the nucleus of the situation, the “brains” of the operation. A new discovery with protons and neutrons, and electrons. New ways of using electrical impulses shall be discovered says the Lord, even to strike down missiles and cause them to fall from the air.

A new protein strand shall be discovered.

The table of elements is changing says the Lord.

I the Lord your God am changing the elements of the Church, the inner council shall be shaken and scattered, for I the Lord see all things and there has been a secret inner council influencing the direction and preaching of the big chain churches. They are all connected by an unholy chain and an unholy secret code where unholy radical ideas, perversions, and conversions “ARE WRITTEN WITHIN THAT CODE SAYS THE LORD”.

They are all in it together says the Lord, a “good ole boys club flying under the radar says the Lord, who as well offer to “make problems go away” for other churches that are struggling, however, says the Lord they attach puppet strings behind the scenes and then for that “help” begin to tug that church in the direction they say thus creating an unholy string attaching MANY churches all echoing the same thing, operations mocking bird says the Lord however who they have so chosen to mock is ME the Lord God the Lord of Hosts!!

A schism in catholicism shall Be exposed -Schism a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief. This schism shall split it right down the middle and the threat of a complete fracturing off and breaking away the threat of this shall become very real and imminent says the Lord.